Shopping sampai pagi

I tell you I am the worst tourist ever, Rahima our host gave some advice and the first advice they gave:-

Don't stare. Even if a woman wearing a tiger costume sits down next to you on the subway (which happened to her once), act like nothing out of the ordinary is happening. Seasoned New Yorkers are always unfazed.

I was staring at every new yorker that pass by. S was so annoyed 'Can you please don't be so Jakun?'
It was totally different from the European, people there tends to blend in, they use black or neutral colour, but here you can basically see all the quirks, want to wear all electric blue? Neon Pink? Go ahead. In this city, it'll only make you cooler. So I decide to wear a H&M neon orange blouse, which I dun dare to wear it back home. I am not sure why I buy it in the first place. So I ask the husband 'So cool enough' he just replied 'OMG, I just froze, just by looking at you' If I can throw a washing machine at him, I would.

How could you not stare. We met a guy in a suit and tie and a green face. Literally green face. He sat opposite us in the train and its difficult not to look. To kill time, S and I came up with numerous and ridiculous reasons why he painted his face. Maybe its a dare for him since St Patrick day is just around the corner, maybe he dreamt that he was incredible hulk last night so he painted himself green, maybe his wife ask him to, because it turns her on or because he just loves green. We came with lots of 'Maybe' till we reach our station.

Don't get me started with their metro. Every cabin have their own entertainment, groups of break dancers, oldies with their saxophone and their harmonicas. They will expect tips from you of course. I love to see all these talented bunch. I even bought a CD sample from this young lady who sings and plays the guitar at station 77th St. Her voice is a cross of Jewel and Colbie Caillat. We let go 2 trains coz I just wanna see her perform. S just bear with me because he loves me. -.- Self expression and busking are acceptable even in the subway stations.

NYC is called the City that never sleep. As mention in my previous post I was shocked to know that their subway is 24 hours. Tu sebab lah kotor and hancing.... Forever 21 in time square is open till 3am and Apple store is open 24/7. So shopping lah sampai pagi.

So that is what we did the next day. We were greated with heavy snow storm. It was S first encounter with the snow so he was very jakun. Happy semacam, abih sakit the next day. Macam nak demam lah, sakit tekak lah, hingus meleleh lah. Kurang Vitamin C betol.

I hate snow, layers and layers of clothing, long john, turtle necks, long sleeves, dah mcm bantal bergerak and it gets slippery all around, I fell once wearing that yellow boots and beg S for a new boots 'Babe, I think I need new boots, this boots cannot make it. Its too slippery and my feets are cold'

Thank goodness there was a shop around the corner that sell amazing looking boots. I purchase one, and start melawa and melaram... oh I forget to tell you... I fell 5 times with the new boots. S memang dah lama tak kuasa nak layan I.

So due to the bad weather, we postpone our site visiting and attack SOHO, Shopping heaven for S. We visited Supreme, The Hundreds, DQM, Journeys, Blade, Shut, etc... Kaki macam nak terputus Jalan. One advice I can give is to download NYC city Map apps on Iphone. That app is really heaven send. Its clearly state on a 3D maps all the shops available in the area and district.

We enter every shops just to get some warm. We were really not prepared for this very very cold weather. And the people are all so nice and warm except the one from Supreme. That one s-hole. At most shops, you will always be greated with smiley people asking 'Hello how ya doin'?' 'Great and cold. Is it always this cold in New York' S would normally menyampuk 'Dah jangan melebih. Dia tanya how are you ajer' tsk.

Oh we met Def Mos at Supreme. S was star struck. We are not into hip hop but we are aware of his existence. He approached him for a picture but that superstar politely decline. I keep blaming him 'You should say Salam Yasin Bey(his muslim name) instead of Hello, I'm from Singapore, Can I take a picture with you, with that gugu eyes. Mcm kemaruk. Takut lah dia' S jeling I, bila I cakap gitu.... ada patut.

Another great place to shop is the factory outlet, Woodbury Common. Oh that place is hugeeeeeee. Please wear comfortable shoe cause the pavement sucks. I have to ditch the boots and grab a slipper. Imagine slipper and snow. Sigh...

We spent the whole day here, don't forget to bring a luggage. Sound kiasu but trust me you will need it.

To go to Woodsbury, take the subway, stop at Grand Central and walk to Port Authority Bus Terminal. I would recommend that you purchase the ticket on line sebab ada $5 discount. The trip to Woodsbury takes around 1 hour and comes with beautiful scenery, farm lah, mountain clad snow lah.

Once you reached at the factory outlet you will be given a booklet of discount for most of the store. Best shop so far was the Oakley and Coach. I tell you makcik makcik kalau pergi sana confirm borong. It was music to my ear when I was greated by the sales person 'Hello Ma'am there will be further 50% discount off the price tag' OMGGGGG... untung my mother, my mother in law, my sister in law and orang orang yang kirim. It was really a good steal for a coach bag. With my currency converter in hand, I go from one corner to the other, mcm main supermarket spree. S relek one corner, kira duit. Hahahahaha...

It was dark when we left the outlet. We took the last bus with a luggage bag and blister on both feet. The laki tengokkan ajer, sebab dia malas nak layan bini dia. Kejam!!!

Oh on the way back we singgah Grand Central Station. Since we knew that we have no time to visit this place again, with seliper and limping legs, I seret my luggage bag to that station.

Another good place to shop is definitely Century 21. OMG, I spent close to 3 hours in that store. S just geleng kepala and spend his time at Starbucks opposite the building to get free wifi.


  1. HI!!!
    Super duper klakar post - especially the part on new boots!!! :)

    Neighbour @ 167C

    1. Hello Neighbour,

      Thanks for reading!!!!!
      U stay at Parc lulu also??!!!? U at 167C? I 167D.
      Mcm excited pulak I.
      Do say Hi bila terserempak eh... I am the one with the little girl yang selalu terpekik pekik kat carpark. Kalau u dengar ada orang pekik 'Nylaaaaaaaaaaaa' ah itu I lah tu. ;p

  2. shoes! shoes! shoes! and skateboard shops ahha me likey! hahaha

  3. oohh! mad love for NY! Your pics made me miss this terribly :(


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