Our Past

I was cleaning S's cupboard and stumble upon 'OUR PAST'. So touching, ok. Its like walking down memory lane. He still keeps ALL the birthday cards, love letters and memo. Some were 17 years back. Some I don't even remember writing them. Some I was too embarrassed to even admit that I wrote them. Some I don't even remember giving it to him.  We read through one by one and laugh our ass off, song lyrics on some piece of paper, heart folded bus tickets with our names (so kental) , tic tac toe on some blank receipt, boxes of movie stubs, drawings of doraemons, cats and angels (Back then, I was crazy about Alisha's Attic, and love drawing their iconic angel/devil), pictures of us and kental neoprints....

I didn't even know that he is that sentimentel.

'I'm gonna keep all these and show it to Nyla and my grandchildren.'

No way.


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