Another bun

One of my best friend is pregnant. Alhmadullilah. I am so so happy, beyond words. Shes been trying for the longest time and believe me she had tried every method to conceive minus the IVF. Makan jamu, pergi urut, mandi at dayang bunting, see the doctor, makan ubat ni makan ubat tu. She tried everything.

She believed when people said to her 'Belum ada rezeki' but she also believe 'Kalau tak ikhtiar rezeki tak datang' She truly inspired me.

She found out the sex of the baby yesterday... and I was so jumpy whenever my fone rang. And I was so happy when she message 'Its a BLUE'

When I was pregnant with Nyla, I was so sure that I was carring a boy. I was a little disappointed to find out that I was having a girl. But heyyyyy.... that was donkey months ago. Now I thank Allah every single day for blessing me with this cute little awesome pawsome, vivacious, sexy butt, big thigh, little girl.

My darlings, if you were pregnant, would you want to find out if you were having a boy or a girl, or would you keep it a surprise?

I would never have  the willpower to wait to find out the baby's sex. I'm a huge gossip by nature and I wouldn't have been able to wait patiently for nine whole months to reveal the gender. Funnily enough, though, if we would have another baby, I think I would want to wait, just to try it both ways! Can you imagine how exciting it would be while you were in labor?

I whatsapp the girls and they replied
'Nooooo you cant.... Kau punya excited lain macam... confim kau nak tau'
'Baaaaaahahahahahaahahahahahahahhahhaha' Dah itu ajer dia reply.....

Yup, I think I'm gonna do just that and nope I am NOT pregnant yet.


  1. totally agree on your friend's 'Kalau tak ikhtiar rezeki tak datang'. hehe

    and i don't think i can keep the gender a secret to myself too. hahaha

  2. Dats why kena ikhtiarkan jugak eh.

    First baby, I excited semacam, insyallah if ada rezeki second punya nak try.. confirm kecoh satu labour ward. ;p


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