Redemption Song

We drop by Esplanade waterfront to catch Reggae O-Regional last weekend. We love reggae music and free gigs. S was at his turf, swaying with Ny strap to him.

A JB reggae band, Redemption was performing when we arrived. They were really good, not sure if they were on something or they were just reallyyyyy into the music. But I was really impressed with their performance all these mat johors. Talented bunch. There was a member who played the saxaphone. I think its sexy when a guy knows how to play the saxaphone, so I whisper to S

'Babe go learn how to play the Saxophone, I think its kinda hot'
'Good idea. Me and my misai playing the saxophone dah macam Kasim Selamat'

I wished I had a fork in hand so that I can really poke his eye balls.

On another note, found out that Joss stone and Esparanza Spalding will be performing in town during the Mosaic Festival. But I wont be around. We're going for a trip... So sayang... S asked 'Abih amacam? Nak cancel trip?'


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