Mummy on leave

Mummy is on leave today, saja clear leave and spend time with my bambino. So we spend the early morning watching upin and ipin sambil makan nachos. NO I did not teach her this bad habit of makan sambil baring position.

Then we fetch S from the airport and attack the colouring counter. She has yet to know how to hold the crayon properly.. hehehe, the mummy was amused looking at her trying to hold that kentot crayon.
Mummy still drafting post from the great apple trip. Dah kena warning from S, asyik mengadap computer jer....sampai lupa nak buat kopi for the laki...datang lah manja dia tu tak tentu pasal (eh eh dosanya aku). I buat kan you kopi now baby.......


  1. muahhaha ok since i think you can't receive my replies, so i reply here lah.

    u violent i like. muahaha!

    oh that sling is called BABY ROCKS. a gf hand-me-down'd it to me. I duno if they are still in production! been googling it but like macam no result leh. --- see like website down for the longest time. so i tried finding 3rd party seller but still no luck!

    and seriously it is damn comfortable siah compared to my other 'sarongs' and baby carriers. my shoulders and lower back thank me a lot for this ahha. if i use sarong, it won't last me even half a day siah. this one at least can survive longer la. so far i haven't collapse with darya yet hahaha.

    1. Oh thank you Mak Darya,

      Sling tu mcm comfortable. Nowadays si Nyla prefer her mummy's hip rather than her stroller. Macam nak putus pinggang.

      She has this baby sarong sling, which I have tried. I tengok mcm nak koyak that kain. Tak berani I nak pakai.

      Ok I go check out this tinytapir.

      Thank u so much!!!! kiss that cute darya for me.

  2. oh tell me about it. if i bawak stroller out alone namanye a recipe for disaster. mana nak tolak tu stroller mana nak kejar tu anak! hahaha

    kisses to budak cute nyla also!


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