And here we are

And we touch done safely at JFK airport awhile ago. Alhamdullilah. S is checking on some stuffs... and I am left alone here at some coffee joint cause I need my caffeine, 26 hours flight mind you. I am totally stoned. The weather is madness. It 2 degrees outside. I cannot even breathe.

Free WIFI, Caffaine fix, Tango-ed baby girl, Skype the sisters, Called the mother, Check and email the office. All done.. a few minutes to spare so I blog.

The plane ride to JFK was way too long and uncomfortable. I feel so claustrophobic. So rimas. So butt cramp.

I remembered during our honeymon flight to Amsterdam we were separated. He was in the front sit, while I was sitting a row at the back. I can sense he was pretty worried but at the same time pretty relief. Coz, you see, I tend to talk non-stop during flight. It keeps me, well.. hhhmmm more at ease more relax.

We get to our sit, and I sat verrryyyyy close to S and announced to him that I was going to be an annoying traveller. You know, the kind that asks you questions the entire time, the kind that would make you jump off the plane on long-haul flights.

“So, where you from and why are you going to New York?” I asked close to his ear while chomping loudly on my peanuts. This airline always kasi peanut ones.

He replied "Nak carik bini no.2" Due to his monkey response, I threw peanuts at him.

S laughed at first and got so annoyed the third time I did it. He was watching some movie on the flight. I pulled out his ear piece and said

'So, what are you watching??'
'I'm watching some movie that you have not watch. Go away.'
'Oh that one ah!! Lousy story line. No need to watch, talk to meeeehhhh'
I got bored of disturbing him so I opened a book to read and got so engrossed in it. A few minutes later, S turned to me…. 'So where you from?'


  1. You guys cracked me up la. hahahah!!

  2. lol both also like monkey. so fun! tak sabar baca email u! thanks for the trouble!


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