When the Ayah watched Stone Roses

S was out of town... watching the Stone Roses <jeolous mode>.

Mummy and Ny have our own fun. We went to birthday parties, we go jalan jalan, we eat ice cream.

Knowing that I was at work the whole of Saturday, my aunt came in the wee hours to kidnapp Nyla. I am truly bless to have aunties and uncles who willingly and with open arms help to look after this little girl of mine. Asal message ajer, my cousin will reply 'My father ajak dia gi playground' 'She went down with Cik Su, gi playground' 'Oh my father ajak dia gi jalan kat playground' 'Oh we going vivo, nak main air'

Wahhh macam mana tak enjoy, mandang gi playground ajer. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. And I am glad this little girl, pandai bawak diri, no tantrum, no shouting (so different if she is out with her mummy and ayah). I always remind her 'You better behave ok' I wonder if she understand.

Photos from my Iphone:-
  1. Her love for ballons and crepe papers
  2. Oh I love this pic
  3. Nyla menyelet with the birthday girl family
  4. 'Ok mummy its a good day to go out'
  5. Mummy loves these Melissa cute shoes. Msg the sister ans she replied 'You crazy ah nak beli kasut baby sampai $80. She can only fit that shoe for 2 weeks. Better blanja me makan' I have to agree on the 2 weeks thingy.
  6. She wants that cute bag
  7. Running with ice cream in her hand.


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