We love long weekend

What a lovely longgggg weekend. Mine start early on Thursday. Blissfully long holiday. Absolute Heaven... Oh have I said that already.

When you're a mum, you are still consider working even if its the holiday. The house is in a frequent mess, but I swallow it all in. Feeling a SAHM for that precious 6 days. Truthfully I have to admit that I feel more tired at home as compared to the office, but the feeling is more PUAS.

S was working thru out the holidays, so Mummy and Ny, just stay home with our PJs in that glorious gloomy weather.

We had a birthday party over the weekend, so on Friday afternoon before all the shops closes their door, we raid Toy'rus. Nyla shriek at every items she can lay her tiny little hands on. She insist on a scary little doll, which look as if it can blink and talk at night when every body is asleep. Hell no... mummy is scared of dolls.

I have to juggle a wriggly, screaming baby, a stroller and a big plastic bag of toys while queueing to pay at the cash out counter. Everyone were just starting at a tiny baby girl who look so dainty and demure with her little dress and teeny tiny hair clips but can shout and shriek that can cause her Mummy's glasses to crack. Go imagine that.
Then we went to Changi City Point to play with balloons, basking at the balcony, feeling the rain splashing in and tempias on our face, soaking the play mat, looking through the window on every morning if the weather is good for a day out while mummy try to make a good burger.

On days, where all shops were close and we were stranded at home due to the bad weather, we took our paints and feeling feeling Van Gogh. Its art lesson with Aunty Chu, where she teaches primary and secondary colours to Ny. In which she totally ignore and create her own masterpiece. It was suppose to be hand and finger painting but it  turn out to be body painting too. My liitle Van Gouh with full of expression and concentration painted her hand, tummy, hands and fingers and proudly show and presented to me. Since she cant talk all she did was smile and giving me a toothy and sniffling smile and said  'Bbbaaaaaaaa......." in human language, I assume its 'Loooooooooooookkkk Mummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Me love longggg holidays like this. My only complaint is the over whelming baju yang dah terkeluar from my laundry basket, as long as S have new underwear to wear, I'm happy and the baju baju boleh relek dulu kat laundry basket.


  1. First time commenting here, but I jsut had to comment, it's so weird how it's SO important for husbands to have new undies eh! My laundry basket also overflowing like mad, but it's kinda ok as long as the husband has new undies. Haha!

    Love your blog btw!

  2. Hey ur my first comementor.

    I chocked on my coffee when I read ur comment. Hahahaha... and I thought that S is just being OCD. >.<

    Thank u for reading!!


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