The Rock Stars and the Misai

S always have the luck with the Rockstars. We went to No Doubt concert long time ago at the Fort Caning, after the concert we sat at the green lawn and he whisper 'I need to piss'. When he came back his hands were shaking and he showed me his fone, a picture of him and NO Doubt. Boy, I was PISSED!!!! I should have membontot him along.

And then there were Green day and then Muse and Morrisey!!! Till now he still talk about him witnessing the Iron Maiden jet at Changi airport and snapping their pic.

Both of us are crazy with the Stone Roses. We went for their concert in Singapore. We found out that they will be playing at Jakarta. S was so keen but I could not get off. I had an important AGM to attend that weekend at Sanctuary Green. DAMN AGM.

As the good and obedient wife, I approve and allow him to go. Wah mcm kucing gi holiday si tikus ni.
3 hours before his arrival, I received this from Kiki, our good fren in Jakarta 'Your smart husband miss his flight'. I swear I could feel steam coming out from my ears. He manage to book another flight via Tiger. I was waiting to lecture him once he step out from the arrival gate, but once I saw Nyla screaming and stretching her hands against the glass panel to touch her ayah's face, wah my heart terus lembek and I dont remember the words that I have been practicing to lecture him.
Once the salam the hugging and the kissing were done, we dinner at  Burger king and he showed me this picture, He got a group picture with the stone roses and Radi from OAG.
He was at the tiger counter and the group was just next to him at the Quantas.
'Its a blessing babe, I got to snap a picture with them'
'Yeah that picture cost you 220 bucks'
'No no no, its priceless'
I was jealous, and stop taking with him. Oh yes we are a big fan of groupie!!!
Oh excuse that hideous and hondous (I know there is no such word), uglies test moustache and the back slick hair. I know. It is so hero tamil. He is having a mid life crisis. I once tried to shave the stache off when he was asleep but he grew it back.

'Ok later go shave ur stache'
'No way, they love my moustache.. I wanna call it stoned stache'
'You are so kental'
'Takkan lah pasal misai pun nak gaduh sayang'
'I cannot stand ur misai'
'Is it because of my misai or the picture with Ian Brown and Radi?' (I was crazy with OAG back then)
'Its just your Misai'
'I love it and THEY love it and you keep doing all that misai stick during our wedding '

Okkk.....I have nothing to argue, now I only look at him from his nose up.


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