Sweet tooth

Laduree coming to town in April 2013.
That is really good news. I immediately whatsapp S when I found out about this.
He is totally nuts abt the macooron. He did mention that Brunetti does not even come close.
Well I thought theirs was good. Close competition.
I wonder if the quality and the taste of the sweets be anything like that of their Parisian counterparts.
And I bet the queues will be madness.... lets wait for thehype to die down a little then we attack.


  1. i heard too! yay! but my husb tak pandai appreciate, he ngap the whole thing masuk mulut. wasted! lol.

  2. Replies
    1. Umi Darya!!!
      I'm reading ur blog.
      U r one funny woman!!!

    2. yey! meh linky linky! wahhaw linky buddies la macam pinky buddies. ahhaha

    3. motherhood makes me funny i think wahhawhwahwargh. romos nyla!


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