Oh Oh dah start Mentel....

I didn't know that mall these days are so kids friendly. Beside Vivo City and Tampiness One,  Changi City point has a water park too. Just a small one, but it manage to bring big laughter from my little girl. Furthermore its so near our place. S join sekaki, 'Nyla say, Mana gerek kalau ayah tak join skali'
After the 10 laps of swimming..... S commented 'Fuh main air with Ny, macam swim 10 laps'
I wonder if he knows how swimming 10 laps actually feel. 1 laps pun tak lepas.. 'I suka main main air ajer' Aiya don't know how to swim just say lah... 'Eh... I took beginner swimming class in Sec 1 ok!!!'

We stop by apple care to check on the apple TV. And where did I find this lil mis... Posing at one corner smiling at the camera between the cupboards!!!

I had no idea where this 'mentelness' come from... maybe from her aunty chu... definitely not from me!!!


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