Life happens

The second week of 2013 is almost over... how fast time flies....

Recapping 2011, it was full of adventure. We welcomed the year as husband and wife, throttling Europe, touch and left our marks next to the Eiffel Tower. Flying high in Amsterdam. Guessing if its Lily Allen's apartments in London. Gain weight. Got pregnant. Bought a home. Gave birth. Gain more weight.

2012, had been a hard year. One full of challenges, sleepless nights (hello, my baby did not sleep through the night for the first time until she was... oh till now she still never sleep through out the nights) tears and frustration, baby bodily fluids all over, in my hair, on my face, gain more weight, travel for the first time with a baby strap to my chest and battling the monsoon season in Bali, back to work after four months of maternity leave, return to Paris to ensure our marks were still there next to the Eiffel, walking ala Beetles at Abbey Road, only this time around with an 11kg baby who find her mummy's hip is the best place on earth, gain more weight, hosted home parties at LuLu, gain more weight.

So as you can see, life happens. Some situations have excess kilos written all over them. Its not exactly shocking, its actually predictable.Marriage, getting pregnant, giving birth, stress with baby, stress with work, stress with new home. Of course the weight did not fluctuate down, I find comfort with food. It makes me happy.

I was slack melack in 2012, menyekek malam malam, makan macam tak makan satu hari, I have frens telling me 'Kalau kau pakai thights tu koyak nanti' I dun even feel anything when she said that. I was numb. I totally ignore my appearance, my well being, no make ups, no facial, no massage. Not recognising myself. I put everything aside and just focus on my little one.

So 2013, I have decided to buckle up and get up and work it out. I sign up with Raikal for abs buns and thigh. I promise my self to go for a run at least once a week. I even subscribe to Shape Magazine (macam paham) to keep myself motivated. I need my stamina back. Now a days, I cant even catch up with a one year old toddler, without panting and sweating like a pig. Its terrible. Its embarrassing.
I have set my priorities, less work, more play. Reduce clutters and put up more family pictures at home. Drink less coffee and more vitamin C. Read more books, less buying books (theres always the library). Travel more, spent less. Meet up more with frens, spent more time with the family.
Many to look forward too. So lets bring it on!

So here to an awesome 2013. Lets kick some ass!!!


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