Daddy's girl

All kids eh sorry salah, most babies/toddler/kids goes through cuts and nicks and fall and benjol, and put foreign object in the mouth, and fall off the bed, and fall of the chair/sofa.

To me that is normal. That is how babies/toddler/kids learn. Dah jatuh, nangis, Mummy will tiup tiup the injured area and hug baby tight (and then look out for any vomiting). That is my normal procedure.

But not for S. If possible he wants to tatang his Nyla. Ny had her first fall at 2 months while she was in HIS HANDS. He hanged his shopping bag at Ny's stroller and the whole stroller upturn. Ny was in her maxi cosi. Of course I was shocked, but NO I am not mad at S. Ok lah bohong kalau I say tak marah but it was just a teeny tiny mad lah. He is a new dad, I am a new mum, we have no experience or whatsoever with babies or kid. I am an expert in only making baby cry. But we learn our way through.
Another incident was when I could not bear to cut Ny's fingernail, So he did it, the first time, he aced it all. The second time, feeling a little confident, he accidentally clip just a teeny weeny tiny piece of flesh. And of course there was blood. He panic and wish to go to KKH A&E immediately. I wanted to burst off laughing. I just wash Ny finger. Put minyak but but and stick a plaster. A Disney princess plaster. She is more intrigued by the plaster rather than the cut.

On both occasions, I did not even lose my cool. I was relax and be the brave mum while the dad wilts and cry together with the baby. Crybabies.

Part jatuh katil, jatuh sofa, that one is under me lah. But she cannot sit still mah, panjat sana panjat sini. mcm mana tak jatuh.

Yesterday, it was a different thing. I always empathise and remind this to S. 'Babe, jaga her fingers, jangan tersepet lift' So yesterday, she got her fingers stuck in the lift. She was chasing her pink ball and I was carrying the grocery. She place her fingers on the door. And that was it. Her fingers were still very small and so not much damage was done. She scream because she was shocked. She scream even louder when she saw her daddy rush out from the gate after hearing her scream. It was pure drama. Both father and daughter. I swear I saw daggers when S look at me for that brief second.

Is there something wrong with me? Something wrong with my head? I took things too lightly. Of course I love my baby, more than any thing else. I am not the kind of mum who will rush to rescue her little one when she fell on her knee. I will just scream 'Ny, ur a big girl, dun cry!!!' She look at me, wipe her palm on her chest and then move on. That's my girl.
If it was S, he will run and tackle any obstacle to pick up her little one and the little drama queen will of course cry lah, sampai meleleh leleh air mata. OVER!!!

I know my little girl is strong. Stronger than her daddy can ever imagine. I was with her since day Uno. She slept alone for close to 3 weeks in the NICU. Her toes were pricked on a daily basis till she is one month plus. And then fortnightly till she is 2 months to check for her bilirubin.

She is gung ho! She is strong, brave, not scared of the dark, light saber sith lady. But of course, she would prefer if her daddy is by her side, for a pinch of drama.


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