Ny is close to 15 months but her vocabulary are so limited. It worries me. First time mama what semua worry mah.

Her favourite word is 'Bbbaaaaaaaa'. Blame it on me. When she was younger I bought lots of books on sheep and farm animals. I did teach her mooooo and quack and neigh but she still prefers 'Bbaaaaaaa'. Nampak cat dia baaaaaa, nampak dog dia baaaaa, nampak birds pun dia baaaaa. So I gave up.

So imagine my happiness when I received a msg from the sis, 'Guess what is Nyla second word?' I was expecting 'Mummy' or 'Mama' or 'Ayah' or 'Atok' or 'Nenek' or 'Malem' (Malem is the name of my cat by the way)
'Nnnnooooooooo, it's Pen Pen' Huh? Pen? Where does she learn that from, maybe from the flash card, 'P is for pen'. I was in cloud nine. My 'Mummy's brain' start churning happy thoughts. Maybe she's gonna be a writer or maybe a journalist or maybe an editor. Sejuk perut mummy.

The sister broke my happy bubble 'Your head lah, she wants UPIN AND IPIN!!!!' 

Huh??? Sigh..... There goes my journalist daughter.

The sister add on 'Long, quick make second one and hopefully, you'll get a set of twin boys so Nyla can become Kak Ros!!!'

Wah liow Wei!!!!


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