Balance one

Had a lovely weekend. A balance one I might add.

Friday was spend with girlfrens. We had our book exchange session over a big tub of nachos that will put my previous post to shame. We gossip, we giggles, we update. It was a good feeling.

On Saturday, I received a call from the mum saying that my aunt wishes to kidnapp Ny and will assure that she will return in her full glory by 8pm. Thinking of the kain baju yg berlambak yang belum tergosok, I just wanna scream 'THANK YOU' but I feel so guilty!!! I only have the weekend for my little one. I feel bad spending more time doing house chores rather then spending time with Ny. Sigh... Mummy promise to have better time management ok baby.
We attended 2 wedding on Sunday. I love nasi orang kawin. The groom is our school mate and S's skating buddy. I love it when old fren still keep in contact even with our busy schedules, with family, with own thang, we still squeeze some time and make an effort to grace their big day. Met a few of my secondary school frens (S and I,we were from the same secondary school). Talking about ol skol will always bring bitter sweet memories.
Had my first abs bun and thigh last night. MACAM NAK MAMPOS!!! I tongang terbalik 15mins after the class start. It was madness. My legs are still shaking when I tried to climb the cat ladder this morning....
Pictures from my Iphone. Have a bless mid week


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