90'an gerek

I was folding the clothes while S was channel hopping and then he stumble upon 90'an gerek on Suria...
Hahahaha.... 4U2C was featured in the first episode. Oh my goodness. LuLu went berserk I tell you. Its not ME mind you, its HIM!!!!!
Kental jugak laki aku ni.
He knows the lyric for Fiona well but he was stunned that I can still remember all the name of the 7 members. Yes I know, I am also kental. I was a total fanatic back then. Sampai buat scrap book, bought all the magazines that they were featured in, Media hiburan lah, varipop lah, bought their photographs from muzika recoed (double kental), bought their cassetee and sing to the tiny printed lyrics at the back of the leaflet, scribble '4U2C' at any surface I can find. I cringe thinking of the fanatism. My cousins and I, we met up (they came over my grandma house every weekend), we will 'slide' to 'Fiona'. Oh I had marvellous and fun memories. I wish Ny have more cousins of her age.
Next week, will be NICO. This one I know and memorise the song. So S and I in the balcony singing 'Aku Nico nak cerita, cerita rapper muda di kota...' Ternganga dia tengok bini sentol dia nyanyi.
After all the rapping I received whatsapp msg from the ding dongs, on the same topic. We chat till 12 plus talking about Feminin, angin bayu, asfarina, one side hoop earring, bell bottom, short hairdo, gel bertepek, one length hair.
I love the 90s.


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