What a strange blog name

I think long and hard... even listed a few cool prospective candidates name for the blog.
But this name keep coming up.
If you have read my previous blog, Parc lulu is a name I called my home, my love nest.
No, N is not made in LuLu. But I've got LuLu, while N is still in my tummy. Its one of the many blessing we received while N was still inside me.
We were in the waiting list for LuLu for the longest time. LuLu was so close to my MIL house that when ever we pass by we would SIGH.... Yes both the laki and the bini would just stop and look and sigh.
I remember vividly the night when the BTO results for Tampines green leaves were announce. S was so so sure that we can get a unit. So imagine our disappointment when we open the HDB website and say, 'We are sorry to bla bla bla.....' He shut down the MAC and force me to sleep. It was 8pm for goodness sake.

The very next day, S received a call from an Orange Tee agent, informing us that there was an available unit if we are interested in.

To make the long story short, we paid the deposit, sign the papers and in 3 months time we move in. The renovation and the decoration of LuLu was all done during my maternity leave. Leaves well spent I might say.

So now I have two LuLus. Yeay...

I need to create another blog coz I could no longer upload pictures to the ol one, Blithy, I call her blithy. And it breaks my heart to change the templates and delete all the pictures.

So here to LuLu, hope you'll be as warm as the other LuLu.


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